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10 Things Girls Wish Would Actually Happen

Of course, there are hundreds of hypothetical but amazing things in life that we all secretly wish were a real thing. Things that maybe one day will happen, but it’s…

10 Things Only ONLY Children Will Get

While being an only child can sometimes have it’s perks, it really isn’t as easy as kids with siblings think it is. As the saying goes; you think you know,…

#TBT: Movies We Loved

You’ll definitely want to have a movie marathon after reading this. What was your favourite movie as a kid? Tweet us @UTREvents Home Alone (1 & 2) We all wished…

8 Things Guys Wish Girls Would Understand

The different sexes can be such a mystery to each other. We react differently to things, we feel differently, we ARE different. Whilst the actions of men may boggle girls…


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